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Video Tutorial | Expiry Day Strategy || 12th August 2021 || Theta Gainers|2021

Video Tutorial | Expiry Day Strategy || 12th August 2021 || Theta Gainers|2021
video tutorial expiry day strategy 12th august 2021 theta gainers2021.jpg

Expiry day strategy plan with all the data points explained with charts and OI.

Expiry Day Strategy | Theta Gainers


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A simple setup to trade while selling options :

The Basics of Support and Resistance :

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#2: How To Trade in These type of panic situations :

#3: Option Selling Master Class :

#4: Best Way Of “STRADDLE” Management :

My Trading Plan For next Three Month , Free Trading view script.

Bank Nifty Expiry Day Strategy | 19th November 2020 | Theta Gainers

Disclaimer : These all are my views and just for educational purpose when taking any trade please do your own research and trade with your own risk management and responsibility.

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Intraday Option Selling Strategy | Plan to Expiry | Theta Gainers

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