Video Tutorial | Nifty Trading Strategy for Intraday | Best Nifty Strategy 2020 | Trading Panthulu ||2021

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Nifty Trading Strategy for Intraday | Best Nifty Strategy 2020 | Trading Panthulu |
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Hi Everyone welcome to Trading panthulu Channel,

In this video im going to tell you about a very good Strategy which works for Nifty in intraday,

Watch completely entire video once or twice till you Understand,

As there is rules for every video this nifty Trading Strategy also have some Rules,

1-Time Frame should be 15 min
2-sell below 2nd 15 min Candle
3-Stop loss is 2nd 15 min Candle high
4-Target will be 1:1 for beginners
5-Target will be 1:2 for Traders

Never Break Rules which i have mentioned above,
Practice well and implement in Trading.

Remember Try to learn Trading and you will get Success in Stock Market Trading


You will find all educational videos in Playlist, I Request everyone to go check our playlist and Practice on it , You will able to learn all “Technical Analysis, and Technical Indicators in Stock market.

Hope this Video helped you and stay Tune for further Videos, we are Trying to make this Channel as best “Stock Market Telugu Channel”.

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