Video Tutorial | Secret Trading Strategy That The Top 5% Use [ Highly Profitable Strategy ]|2021

Video Tutorial | Secret Trading Strategy That The Top 5% Use [ Highly Profitable Strategy ]|2021

In this video, I am going to be revealing a very simple yet powerful strategy that can help you generate consistent profits. I will be sharing all the aspects of the strategy step by step, so please do not skip any part.

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So first, let us understand the fundamentals behind the strategy. This strategy is a trend following strategy. Hence, we will be looking for buying opportunities in an uptrend, and selling opportunities in a downtrend. We will be focusing on the assets that are in a strong trend only.

In this strategy, we will do 3 things. Number 1, Identify the trend. Number 2, wait for a pullback. And Number 3, enter when the market resumes the trend.

To accomplish these steps, we will use 2 Moving averages.

Moving average is a simple indicator that plots the average price of an asset over a certain number of candles.

For instance, a 10 period moving average will give the average price of an asset over the last 10 candles.

When the price is above the moving average, and the moving average is sloped upwards, the price is considered to be in an uptrend. Similarly, when the price is below the moving average and the moving average is slopped downwards, the price is said to be in a downtrend.

And, when the price is moving around the moving average, and the moving average is flat, the asset will be considered to be in a sideways range.

In our strategy, we will use 2 exponential moving averages. We will use a 20 period EMA and a 50 period EMA. The 20 period EMA is blue, and the 50 period EMA will be yellow.

This is the only indicator that we will use in our strategy. Now, you can use any timeframe that you want. I recommend using a 15 minute chart or a 30 minute chart. Anything above the 30 minute chart is good. But, just don’t go below the 15 minute timeframe. Once you get really good with this strategy, you can use a lower timeframe. But, until then, stay with the 15 minute chart.

For this video, we will stick to the 15 minute chart.

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